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Introducing Tempus ALS™ - Defibrillation Monitoring Reinvented

Tempus ALS™ is a tough defibrillator monitor that offers more functionality in a smaller, lighter and more flexible package. For the already overburdened First Responder, it allows you to carry less, do more and work smarter.

  • Flexibility

    Unprecedented deployment flexibility, delivered through its low weight and slender profile, gives you advanced monitoring and fully-featured defibrillation capabilities at your fingertips.  This allows you to focus on patient care, not what you are carrying.

  • Simplicity

    Configurable data collection and management, easy STEMI reporting and advanced monitoring capabilities mean an increased effectiveness at scene, during transportation and beyond. Furthermore, because the defibrillator is always with you, code review is possible for every incident.

  • Choice

    A new approach to patient monitoring delivers smart data capture and sharing twinned with a flexible design.  Compact and lightweight enough to suit all vehicles – from bikes to cars, ambulances to helicopters – means you choose how to mount, how to carry and what data to capture and share.

  • Proven Defibrillation Technology

    Tempus ALS™ uses the same 200J Biphasic Truncated Exponential (BTE) waveform used on at least 1 million Philips HeartStart® devices worldwide in an ERC-compliant defibrillator.

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Tempus ALS™ delivers powerful market-leading flexibility in a light, compact, tough package.

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